It's a family thing!

Three Wings Boutique started as an idea, a way to bring families and friends together through shopping. Whether it’s mother and daughter, grandmother and granddaughter or just friends hanging out. In today’s busy society, we are all going separate directions; shopping at different age appropriate stores. For instance, Justice for young girl’s or Talbot’s for the more mature ladies - we’re not experiencing that once cherished fun day out shopping together. With the dream of bringing families together, Three Wings Boutique blossomed into what we are today - a grandmother, daughter and granddaughter generational boutique. A place where you can both be together and bond through the love of shopping and fashion.

Not only can grandmother find herself a beautiful blouse, but her granddaughter can pick out the cutest pair of flair blue jeans that will be a big hit at school. No matter what age, whether single or married, in school or retired, you will enjoy our variety of brands, styles and sizes. We are here to help you look your best and feel at home during your shopping adventure!

xoxo, Wanda

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