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Hi everyone, I pray you're staying healthy! I've been thinking about the current virus, flu season and all the illness going around. I think in the back of my mind and probably yours to, we wonder and maybe worry a little about this becoming the norm.  If this is part of the world we live in today then we should start thinking about how we're going to keep our immune systems strong so we can survive the next "attack".  Even if it's not another virus or flu attacking us we still have allergies, autoimmune diseases like arthritis, cancer and many other ailments that we need a good defense against.  

According to Terry Chamberlin, B.Sc., C.N.C., Bioanalyst1, "several doctors in the US are convinced that silver is an essential nutrient needed by the body, like iron and selenium. They call silver 'The Immune System mineral', and are convinced that the lack of silver (along with all the other minerals) in our modern farmland soils are a major contributor to the radical increase in auto-immune diseases today. Because many elderly people have compromised immune systems, the addition of Colloidal Silver to their diet can be a life-saver. There is increasing alarm by doctors concerning the growing epidemic of antibiotic-resistant bacteria being found in their patients. However, these antibiotic-resistant bacteria die just as quickly as any other bacteria when in the presence of silver. Another important factor is Colloidal Silver’s safety. When the FDA was asked to cite any reports of anyone having any kind of toxic reaction to any amount of Colloidal Silver, they replied that no such reports could be found. Many people, especially the elderly, report allergic and toxic reactions to synthetic antibiotics."

As many of you know, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer three years ago.  The doctors wanted to remove my thyroid, but after already having my appendix and gallbladder removed previously I didn't want another organ removed!  I decided to do my own research into natural healing and was able to cure my cancer through natural methods! I have gotten ultrasounds of my thyroid every six months for the past three years and I'm still cancer free! Colloidal Silver is a natural mineral that has become one of my favorite tools in healing so many ailments.

Many of my customers, friends and relatives requested that I make this video to demonstrate how I make my own Colloidal Silver to stay healthy. The high cost of CS prohibits many people from using it. Just an 8 oz. bottle will cost upwards of $25 in the store. Folks, I drink 4 to 8 oz. of CS every day! It is so easy to make your own and stay healthy. This is not a blog to discuss the uses or safety of CS.  If you're here you have probably already done your own research on CS and like me, believe in it's immune boosting and healing abilities.

After you watch my video, the following instructions will show you the mechanics of putting a unit together. 

BTW - We understand that not everyone will want to make their own CS due to time constraints so we are selling 1 litre bottles in our store. If interested, call our store at 469-888-4205.

So let's get started on making your own unit:

A simple and inexpensive way to make your own CS is to obtain a 30-36 volt DC ink jet printer power adapter. This will make 1-quart of CS. It will end up looking like this:

It's so easy to put together:

1). Purchase an adapter and cut off the end of the wire that plugs into the printer, and attach alligator clips to those two ends. You'll also need to purchase .999 percent pure silver rods.

2). Bend one end of each wire so that the wire looks like an inverted "J". Hang the end of each wire over the edge of the jar, with about 1/2” of wire hanging down on the outside of the lip of the jar and the rest of the wire hanging down inside the jar. The rods should be hugging the inside of the jar walls, putting as much water between the two wires as possible. It’s fine if the wires actually touch the jar walls.  Try to get the rods as straight as possible, they should point down towards the jar bottom instead of angling sideways. The inside ends of the wires should stop about 1/2" from the bottom of the jar.

3). Hook up the alligator clips to each outside wire tip before you plug in the adapter so you don't take a chance on the wires touching and causing them to short. The alligator clips don’t hook on to the sides of the wires, but onto the ends.

4). Use a a clean 1-quart glass jar (like a mason jar). If the jar is not clean it could cause the water to turn yellow, gold or murky.

Make your own colloidal silver - Free Range Home

Another option is use a 1-gallon pickle jar. To make this much CS you will need to use a 110v transformer which steps down to 55-60 volts. It's harder to make these units on your own but you can buy them online in kits and they're easy to assemble, there are several sites showing the top eleven CS generators.

Brewing Time:

1). Always use Distilled Water when making CS. Your first batch will take between 2-6 hours. Brew it until it starts to turn yellow, cloudy or murky. Whatever time it took for that to happen, subtract 10 or 20 minutes from that brewing time and you have the optimal brewing time for the quality of water that you used. This will mean keeping a close eye on it during the first batch. You can then use CS from that first batch as a starter for your next batch, which means reducing your brewing time by 2/3.

2). If it turns yellow or cloudy in less than 2 hours, it means that your water is not as pure as it could be or the jar you used was not clean. Use some of that CS (yellow or not) as starter for the next batch (drink the rest), and brew it the optimal time, based on a bit less than the previous brewing time. If that batch turns yellow, reduce the brewing time each batch by 10 minutes until you find the right time for brewing CS with the particular quality of water that you have. If brewing it for a certain period of time, 2/3 less with CS starter, doesn’t produce yellow CS, you can increase the brewing time by 10 minutes each batch until it produces slightly yellow CS (although this is not necessary for good CS). Then you will know that the previous brewing time, before it became yellow, is the longest you can brew and still get clear CS. It's also fine to under brew it, you can drink it even if it is not very strong.

3). Whatever color CS you get, it is not dangerous or ineffective. You may want to dilute it for taste, because the more color, the stronger the taste, but don’t throw it away! 


Use any plastic container, you can store it in glass but it will eventually begin to color the glass. After I make a batch I usually store in the gallon distilled water container I originally used and write an S on the top so we won't mistake it for regular distilled water. Try not to store it in a sunny spot because the sun will break it down so it won't be as effective. I usually store mine in the pantry or the fridge. I like to put mine in all sizes of used plastic soda bottles (cleaned) and store them in the fridge. 

That's it, you can now begin brewing your own CS! 

Note: Since CS is a mineral that our body needs and not a heavy metal, I have not found any cases where anyone is allergic to it.  The Department of Health and Human Services does not have any documented cases as to date. The only effect reported by some colloidal silver users is a phenomenon called the “Herxheimer effect”, named after doctor Karl Herxheimer (who identified this phenomenon). Sometimes, when taking colloidal silver for the first time, some people may experience symptoms like a mild headache, cold, or the flu. The user may experience mild diarrhea, as the body tries to flush itself out. In that case, one merely needs to reduce the serving size or completely abstain for a day or so. Once the body has been completely cleansed, these symptoms will not reappear.

To avoid the Herxheimer effect you can start off with 1 tbls. and work your way up from there, doubling your dose each day if there is no reaction. I have found multiple documents stating the safety of CS not only for adults but for babies, children, nursing mothers and pets. As always, do your own research before starting any new supplement/medicine.

We not only want you to look good on the outside, but to also feel good on the inside, after all, beauty comes from within!

Link to How To Make Colloidal Silver Video 

*If you aren’t interested in making your own CS we do sell it in our store at a much lower price. Call us at 469-888-4205 for shipping information.

Link to Colloidal Silver - Immune System Mineral Blog - Blog explaining all the benefits of using Colloidal Silver.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment and we'll get back to you

xoxo, Wanda

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1 Terry Chamberlin, B.Sc., C.N.C., Bioanalyst - Metabolic Solutions Report

*Disclaimer - I am not a physician, therefore this should not be considered medical advice. As with any health recommendation you should do your own research prior to starting any health regiment.

Wanda Adams
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